Brooklyn Made and Brooklyn Restored, with Your Help!

Our campaign – at Saint Agnes Church (1913) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is to rebuild the concert grand piano, currently silenced and in disrepair. When this impressive piano is restored, this concert grand will help launch a concert series in the majestic German inspired neo-Gothic style church designed by notable, Brooklyn ecclesiastical architect, Thomas Francis Houghton (1842-1913).

Restoration requires a full replacement of all action parts; full keyboard servicing; re-weighting of hammers and keys; resetting/rebuilding of the pedal lyre; and a full regulation of the action, tuning and voicing.

But we need your help. We are trying to raise $13,091 by Feb. 6. For information on joining our kickstarter campaign, visit our Kickstarter page here!

As a donor, you will receive periodic email restoration progress reports and via our online “piano-cam,” you’ll be able to watch Whiton as he restores the piano. Your help is the key component in making this piano, grand, once more; assuring it strikes its highest and most melodious notes for all of Brooklyn to enjoy.

Once funding is in place, the restoration of the piano will commence immediately. Our Brooklyn-restorer estimates that the work will be completed in two months. When the Wissner is returned to the church, our community concert series will begin to the delight all of Brooklyn.

Christmas Concert at St. Agnes

Kicking off the Christmas season, vocalists Juliana Fazzone and Christian Lee Branch performed selections in English, Spanish and French in a concert at St. Agnes Church on Dec. 21.

Thank you to all who joined us!

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The Bells of St. Agnes Are Ringing Again!

Have you heard the bells of St. Agnes ringing lately?

Thanks to the persistence of Lena Lopresti, who donated the carillon system years ago, and to the Strano family, who paid to have the system restored in memory of Anthony Strano on the sixth anniversary of his passing, the bells of St. Agnes are ringing again.

The neighborhood response has been mostly positive. We even received a shout out in a local blog. The blogger even recorded and posted a video of the carillon playing.

French Mass at St. Agnes

Beginning in September, we now have a Mass celebrated in French at St. Agnes, every Sunday at 11 a.m. Whether you are from France, are learning French or just curious to experience Mass in French, we welcome you to join us!