Welcome to St. Paul and St. Agnes!

St. Paul and St. Agnes Parish greatly values your presence among us, whether you attend Mass exclusively here or also at other churches, or whether you attend Mass weekly, frequently, or periodically.

We strongly emphasize what contemporary liturgists call the Ministry of the Assembly. We urge you to pray attentively in the Mass by singing God’s praises loudly, by listening attentively to the Word of God, and by praying silently the Eucharistic prayer as the priest celebrant prays it aloud. You will discover that God will transform you and others through your participation in the mysteries of the Mass.

May your experience of the liturgy here bring you lasting peace!

New Mass Schedule for August 2014

Please note, we will have a new Mass schedule for the month of August:
St. Agnes
Sat. 4:00 PM (English)
Sun. 9:15 AM (English), 12:30 PM (Spanish)
St. Paul
Sat. 6:00 PM (English)
Sun. 7:45 AM (English), 11:00 AM (Spanish)