Join us for our annual Card Party, Oct 3

Our annual Card Party will be Oct. 3. Tickets are on sale for $15 from both parish offices. Mega 50/50 jackpot will be at least $6,500!

Life Line Screening Coming Dec. 14

Life Line Screening will be at The Parish of St Paul and St Agnes on Monday, December 14th.

The screening event will be held at the St Agnes Parish Hall. Ultrasounds for stroke, peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm and osteoporosis as well as an EKG for atrial fibrillation are offered for only $149 (averages out to only $30/test).

Pre-registration is required. Appointments begin at 9am. CALL 1-888-653-6450 to register and receive a $10 discount off the package price.

Life Line Community Healthcare will also offer the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit to eligible Medicare beneficiaries with TRADITIONAL MEDICARE PART B. There is NO COST/NO CO-PAY.

This is not a physical, but a personal wellness consultation performed by a certified Nurse Practitioner designed to help you and your doctor keep you healthy, safe and independent for a long time. This wellness consultation is an entitlement! Medicare is billed for this visit. Pre-registration is required. CALL 1-866-579-5069.

We Will Be Home to the Next NYC Mass Mob!

Voting is complete for the next New York City Mass Mob, and St. Paul/St. Agnes has won! We will receive a visit in October from the NYC Mass Mob, a movement intended to inspire people to go to Mass, enfranchise people in their communities, and stir the passions of those who seek to be involved with something greater than themselves.

For more information, follow NYC Mass Mob on Facebook. And stay tuned for more details!

Celebratory Classical Repertoire Performance

IMAG0033Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate the restoration of our Wissner grand piano. In addition to internationally renowned pianist Leon Livshin, who played selections from Schubert and Rachmaninoff. We also heard jazz pianist Edsel Gomez, who treated us to an encore of some Gershwin. We look forward to many more concerts!

The restoration of our 1891 Wissner Concert Grand Piano was made possible by the generous support of 145 backers of our 2015 Kickstarter Campaign.

“Brooklyn Made and Brooklyn Restored.”

French-American Choir of New York Performs at St. Agnes

The French American Choir of New York, a group of international amateur singers, brought its repertoire of old American and European songs to Saint Agnes Church on Palm Sunday evening. Conducted by the opera singer and President of the Long Island Opera Company Anne-Julia Audray, the choir performed Mozart, traditional French and English songs as old as the XVIIth century, Bach and Purcell among others and some opera extracts like the Barcarolle from Tales of Hofmann, for the pure joy to fill the beautiful acoustic of Saint Agnes Church. The French-American Choir of New York was founded by Anne-Julia Audray in 2013. It has performed in various venues across New York, including the French consulate, and was part of the 2014 production of La Traviata by the Long Island Opera Company, performed in 2014 at the Madison Theater in Long Island.

To all who donated to our piano restoration fund, thank you! (with updated donor list)

20141221_171923 (1)The Parish of St. Paul and St. Agnes wishes to express a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all those folks who saw the importance of our goal and contributed to our campaign. We had 145 donors in total, made up of registered parishioners (from both churches), former parishioners, former employees, folks who lived in the neighborhood and remember the beautiful church, local businesses and those who enjoy history and great music. Our goal is to commence piano restoration March 1st and hopefully complete it in two months. We will keep everyone posted on our progress both via our weekly bulletin and social media. Once again, Thank You! The following is a list of our generous donors: Rebecca Addy, Erol Ahmed, Alectra INC., Judi Alvardo, Michael Armstrong, Vincent Paul Arzouian, Annie Balocating, Patrick & Eurice Beharry, Fran Bivona, Bruce Bomba, Linda Bompartito, Lisa Bova-Hiatt, Leroy Branch, Cathy Burke, Roseann Cannella, Diana Carbone, Mary Cashel Casalino, Barbara Caso, Derek Chan, ClawofKnowledge, Rachael Clayson-Robertson, Cobble Hill Chapel, Warren Cohen, Maureen Coiro, Lydia Colon-Fores, Frank Comerford, Dulce Corazon, Antonia Cucchiara, Kirk Damman, Debbie Deane, Gerald DeMaio, Arianna Demas, Christine Deramo, Miriam Deutch, Jane Dionne, Stephen Donnaruma, Katey Engel, Charles Cucchiara, Michael Cucchiara, Maryann Cucchiara, Angela Esposito, Mr. & Mrs. E Fagan, Irene Fallon, Juliana Fazzone, Han Fei, Renee Feinberg, Alix Finkelstein, Sandra Fiore, Ingrid Flamme, Joseph Fong, John Fortmeyer, David Gallagher, Catherine & August Garbellotto, Charles D. Gerard, John Gillen, Kim Godin, Vincent Gragnani, Nancy Grimaldi, Marguerite Guglielmo, Maria Guglielmo, Jake Halloran, Zimin Hang, Anthony Harms, Kathy Harms, Susan Hutchison, Chester Kaplan, Scott Katsura, Katia Kelly, Joseph & Diane Kornofsky, Michael LaCivita, Jane LaFerlita, James C Lambert, Julia Lebron, Andy Levine, B. Loetterle, Simon Linder, Louise Lundqvist, Virginia & Frank Maddalone, Joan Magnani, Carol Mammano, Diane Marshall, Lolita Mayadas, Kenneth David McDaniel, Deborah J. McDougald, Joan Melone, Michael Meloni, Shawn Mikiten, Shawn Mikiten, Heide Miklitz, Jason Miller, Tim Milford, Robert Mina, Christine Morrison, Bro. Thomas J. Murphy, Rose G. Nattoli-Moroney, Greg O’Connell, Brianne O’Connor, Edmond & Lucille O’Connor and Emily O’Leary, Fintan O’Neill, Robert Ogden, Sheila Olive, Paul Pannone, Lyudmila Papayani, Joan Pering, Rita Pignato, Dennis Pope, Jerry Prindle, Margaret Quinlan, Karen Richardson, Edward Radonic, Chris Robinson, Regina Rodrigues, Daniel Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Janet Russo, Theresa Russo, Deborah Ryan, Elizabeth Sanatana, Vincent Santoro, David Smith, Mark Thomas, Denise Stennett, Skip Tamke, Madaline Tarantino, Michael Thaddeus, Mary T. Timson, William Toner, Barbara Towey, Louise Trigo, Charles Vadala, Monica Vallina, Theresa R. Vorvolakos, John W. Welch, Jennifer Wheary, Brian Whiton, Eric Williams, Vincent Zerilli, Matthew A. Zych, ANONYMOUS, Janet, Marissa, Michelle , obifumatt, Rodney, Rose, Sabrina T., Wesley,

Brooklyn Made and Brooklyn Restored, with Your Help!

Our campaign – at Saint Agnes Church (1913) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is to rebuild the concert grand piano, currently silenced and in disrepair. When this impressive piano is restored, this concert grand will help launch a concert series in the majestic German inspired neo-Gothic style church designed by notable, Brooklyn ecclesiastical architect, Thomas Francis Houghton (1842-1913).

Restoration requires a full replacement of all action parts; full keyboard servicing; re-weighting of hammers and keys; resetting/rebuilding of the pedal lyre; and a full regulation of the action, tuning and voicing.

But we need your help. We are trying to raise $13,091 by Feb. 6. For information on joining our kickstarter campaign, visit our Kickstarter page here!

As a donor, you will receive periodic email restoration progress reports and via our online “piano-cam,” you’ll be able to watch Whiton as he restores the piano. Your help is the key component in making this piano, grand, once more; assuring it strikes its highest and most melodious notes for all of Brooklyn to enjoy.

Once funding is in place, the restoration of the piano will commence immediately. Our Brooklyn-restorer estimates that the work will be completed in two months. When the Wissner is returned to the church, our community concert series will begin to the delight all of Brooklyn.

Update, Feb. 1: With four days to go, we’ve nearly reached our goal! Thanks to all who have donated so far, and thank you to those who came out to our fundraiser on Jan. 24. Below is a short video from the event.

The Bells of St. Agnes Are Ringing Again!

Have you heard the bells of St. Agnes ringing lately?

Thanks to the persistence of Lena Lopresti, who donated the carillon system years ago, and to the Strano family, who paid to have the system restored in memory of Anthony Strano on the sixth anniversary of his passing, the bells of St. Agnes are ringing again.

The neighborhood response has been mostly positive. We even received a shout out in a local blog. The blogger even recorded and posted a video of the carillon playing.

French Mass at St. Agnes

Beginning in September, we now have a Mass celebrated in French at St. Agnes, every Sunday at 11 a.m. Whether you are from France, are learning French or just curious to experience Mass in French, we welcome you to join us!